Cider Views

Planting the Seeds of an Artisan Cider Industry in America

The recent reports of shortage of cider apples in the U.S. in the wake of the hard cider drinking boom presents some fairly obvious opportunities for experienced and not-so-experienced orchardists alike. Clearly, more apple orchards are in our future. The interesting question, however, will be how and why those orchards get planted. When the wine… Read more »

Wine vs Cider—An Exploration Beginning in Berkeley

My continued exploration of hard cider here at Fermentation is a bit of an experiment as much as it is a personal pursuit. What I wonder as I mix reviews and posts on Cider with my coverage of wine is the extent to which there is any interest in cider among the primarily hard-core wine… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Cider

Imagine a weather event so severe that it literally wiped out an entire vintage of grapes in Napa Valley or Russian River Valley or the Santa Lucia Highlands. Devastating on a number of levels. Well, this is exactly what has appeared to have happened to the Southwest England Cider Apple Orchards after devastating rains there… Read more »