So, You Want To Be A Bigwig In The Cider Industry…?

cider-headerSo you want to be in the booming cider industry! But you don’t want to make the stuff.

Well, it turns out one of the most dynamic and important non-production gigs in Cider is up for grabs. The United States Association of Cider Makers, the national trade association representing cider producers and others in the industry as well as the organization that puts on the annual CiderCon event in February, is looking for an Executive Director.

This is a full-time position that allows the applicant to work from anywhere in the country. More importantly, the recipient of this position will have the opportunity to  help shape the cider industry, and the craft cider industry in particular, as it transitions from its status as an upstart high-growth sector of the alcohol beverage industry to an established and recognized sector of the overall alcohol beverage industry in the U.S.

Having acted as the Executive Director of a national association of wine retailers for a number of years, I can tell you that the USACM Executive Director position will not be an easy one at which to succeed. Above all, the successful candidate will need to possess a relentless desire to see the cider sector succeed and excel. Equally important, the successful candidate will need the skills and ability to navigate the inherently political environment of trade association politics (internal as well as external).

What’s most exciting about this position however is that it provides the opportunity to truly help the cider industry and its producers succeed and grow; and if anything motivates you more than this possibility, you may not be right for the position.

The USACM describes the opportunity this position offers in this way:

This position would be an excellent venue to prove your leadership qualities and to display all of your management skills on a highly visible, national-level platform–not only to our large membership base, but to the media, the press and other organizations from around the globe. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to shine and be a guiding force in a fast-growing industry.”

So, those of you with management experience, with the ability to maintain a self-directed focus, with budgetary talent, with organizational skills, with great sales skills, with PR and Media experience and with a deep love for cider and the industry, your opportunity awaits.

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