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Eric Bordelet Sidre Tendre

The “woosh” of foam, bubbles and mouse that wells up in the glass upon pouring eventually settles down to a fine, misty foam on the edge of the glass to reveal a light amber-colored cider with a beautiful cast of small, rising bubbles. The nose is a study in purity with the ripe apple aroma… Read more »

On Eric Bordelet Ciders—Among The World’s Greatest Refreshments

By Randy Kemner, Proprietor, The Wine Country This article first appeared at the blog associated with “The Wine Country”, an outstanding source of wine and cider located near Long Beach, California. The Wine Country carries an excellent selection of ciders, as well as Eric Bordelet Ciders including his Sidre Tendre Doux, the Poire Authentique, and… Read more »

2012 Eric Bordelet Poire Granit — Remarkable 5-Star Cider

2012 Eric Bordelet Poiré Granit The pears that M. Bordelet uses to make this Perry come from 300 year old, 60 foot trees on his estate in Northern France. 300 years old. Say it with me. Planted at some point around the year 1715. Remarkable. Why am I not then surprised that this is the… Read more »

Eric Bordelet Sparkling Poire Cider (Thrilling)

The Bordelet family’s biodynamic orchards are in southern Normandy. The orchards as well as the cider making is undertaken by former Paris sommelier Eric Bordelet. All tolled, the orchard is 37 acres, seven and a half of which bear apple and pear trees 50 years old. The estate holds 20 varieties of apples and 15… Read more »

Six Tips for Making Thanksgiving a Cider-Centric Holiday

With the vast array of ciders in the marketplace, there is no reason not to make your upcoming Thanksgiving Day feast a cider-centric gathering that exposes your guests to a host of cider styles. Equally true is that with so many different kinds of ciders available today, you can easily match whatever you put on… Read more »

WASSAIL—A True Cider Experience and Culinary Tour de Force

The genuine cider bar —that place where finely crafted cider in numerous styles is the whole point — is still a rarity, despite the renaissance in cider now taking place across the country. You can count them on two hands. Because there are so few of these temples devoted to the fermented apple, expectations run… Read more »

Learning to Use Cider In Cocktails

Despite its rapid rise and renaissance, cider has yet to see the publishing world embrace its various facets. Unlike wine and beer, cider is not the subject of numerous books extolling us “how to”, explaining “where from”, detailing “what’s next” or laying out “what’s important”. But that’s likely to change as more and more people… Read more »

Top 10 Hard Ciders of 2014

In our first few months of publishing here at the Cider Journal we have tasted and reviewed a huge swath of hard ciders from across the country and around the globe. Yet, we believe we’ve only scratched the surface. Nearly every week news of a new cidery opening here and there comes to our intention…. Read more »