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Christian Drouin Sparkling Cider

The Normandy Sparkling Cider from Christian Drouin begins with a fine head of foam that quickly exists to reveal a rich, light amber colored cider that is slightly cloudy and moderately opaque. This is unfiltered cider made with native yeast. Let me urge my readers to swirl this cider heavily and let it sit for… Read more »

Christian Drouin Pear Cider

The Christian Drouin Pear Cider, hailing from Normandy, pours with a quick forming but soft mouse, then settles down quickly revealing a bright, clear golden color that carries fine bubbles from bottom to top. The nose on the Drouin is refined, but slight. Very bright and lucid lemon blossom seeps out of the glass along… Read more »

Six Tips for Making Thanksgiving a Cider-Centric Holiday

With the vast array of ciders in the marketplace, there is no reason not to make your upcoming Thanksgiving Day feast a cider-centric gathering that exposes your guests to a host of cider styles. Equally true is that with so many different kinds of ciders available today, you can easily match whatever you put on… Read more »

Comte Louis de Lauriston Cidre Bouche Brut de Normande

French Normandy Cidre may be, after Spanish Asturian cider, among the easiest cider styles to identify blind. This production produced by the famed Paye d’Auge cidermaker Drouin under the Comte de Lauriston brand name is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. First, comes that beautiful, richly golden hued liquid that pours from the… Read more »

Top Rated Recently Reviewed Ciders

Over the past six weeks 40 different ciders have been reviewed here at The Cider Journal. Below are the highest rated bottlings from those 40 ciders. We want to particularly draw your attention to Eve’s Cidery out of New York and specifically to their Albee Hill Dry and Still Cider. The complexity and balance of… Read more »

The Top Rated French Ciders at The Cider Journal

The various apple and pear ciders now exported to the U.S. from France show a collection of producers who appear decidedly more comfortable with, and guided by, the notion of cider being far more akin to wine than to beer. These ciders tend to deliver the body of fine sparkling wine, the complexity of flavors… Read more »