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West County Pippin “Iris’s Garden” Hard Cider

West County’s Pippin Hard Cider appears washed out beige and, upon pouring, produces one of the most energetic heads of suds I’ve encountered recently in a cider. The nose on this one is distinctly floral, with notes of vanilla, citrus and even a slight soapy-ness. It smells like springtime, and has no link to sweet… Read more »

West County McIntosh Wheel-View Orchard “M2” Hard Cider

Without much information available at writing, we presume this cider is made largely from the McIntosh Apple grown in the Wheel-View Orchard in Shelburne, Massachusetts. A slightly darker than average gold with mirror-like clarity. The aromas are beguiling if not straightforward: Sweet, ripe apple aromas jump out of the glass. This singular sweet apple aroma… Read more »

West County Cider “Pippin”

Golden yellow with a red tint, luminous and clear upon pouring, the West County Pippin delivers the bubbles that remain small and rise in the glass at their leisure. Very pretty. A ripe to ripe/tart apple nose dominates this 100% Tremblett’s Bitter varietal cider. A hint of the herbaceous can be detected too. This is… Read more »

West County Cider “Reine de Pomme”

The West County “Reine de Pomme” is a stunning cider that trades in depth and complexity. But, let’s start at the beginning. The Reine de Pomme (translated as “Queen of Apples”) is thought to have originated in Normandy, France. It is a bittersweet apple that delivers richness and astringent tannins. In this West County version,… Read more »

West County Cider “Redfield”

I haven’t noted another cidery that produces a largely single varietal cider from Redfield apples.The Redfield was developed in 1938 and is renowned for its use in Jellies and pies, though it is largely inedible out of hand to to it’s sour and bitter nature. This is the second cider I’ve reviewed from West County… Read more »

West County Cider Kingston Black

The Kingston Black apple is a renowned English cider apple that provides cider blends with the bitterness and acid that well-balanced cider will possess. The Kingston Black falls into the “Bittersharp” category of cider apples. It’s quite rare to find a cider, like the one reviewed here, to be made with nearly 100% Kingston Black… Read more »

Profiling Sonoma County’s Newest Craft Cidery: Specific Gravity

With five cideries located within its borders, Sonoma County, California is already marked as one of the more important regions for hard cider production in America. With the launch of Specific Gravity Cider Company, make that number six and pay very special attention to Specific Gravity—It’s got something important going for it. That great potential… Read more »

The Newest Cider Competition is Announced

I’m very excited to announce that I will be coordinating a new Cider Competition aimed at exposing consumers and the trade to the best craft ciders in the American marketplace. The new Dan Berger International Wine Competition (DBIWC) will include a Cider Competition within it. Dan Berger is the dean of American wine competitions, having… Read more »

East Meets West Cheese and Cider Tasting

Whether you are talking about wine, beer or cider, it is a truism that the best way to understand basic principles of pairing these beverages with food is to try your luck first with cheeses. The vast variety of cheeses on the market allows one to experiment with any number of pairing types. Which ciders… Read more »