A Purity of Apple From Washington’s Alpenfire Cidery

AlpenfirelogoIt’s always exciting to discover an estate cidery; a place where the apples are grown, picked and make into cider righ there next to the vineyard. Alpenfire, located on Olympic Peninsula outside the small town of Port Townsend is just such a cidery.

Somewhere around 1,000 apple trees form the backbone of the Alpenfire orchard. They are primarily English and French bittersweet apple varieties with some American heirloom and perry pear tries planted most recently. The Alpenfire crew claims to produce Washington’s only Organic hard cider. Whether or not that is true, it’s a fact that their orchard and productionAlpenFireGlow facility have been certified organic.

The Cider Journal’s first venture into the Alpenfire line-up proved to be very enjoyable. The three ciders we tasted and reviewed (reviews linked below) all show a remarkable and consistent purity of ripe (note cooked, not sour) apple aromas and flavors.

Review: Alpenfire Ember Bittersweet Organic Hard Cider4 STARS
Review: 2013 Alpenfire Dungeness Still Hard Cider — 4 STARS

Review: Alpenfire Glow Rosé Hard Cider4.5 STARS

Alpenfire makes at least 8 different ciders, ranging from smoked barrel-aged cider and an amber-colored single variety Hidden Rose Cider to Semi Sweets and ultra dry ciders. We look forward to sampling the rest of the Alpenfire line up. If they are as good as the three reviewed above, we are looking at one of the best cideries we’ve yet encountered in Washington State…and that’s saying something.

AlpenFire — Port Townsend, Washington

4 Responses to “A Purity of Apple From Washington’s Alpenfire Cidery”

  1. Darlene Hayes

    Steve and Nancy do make marvelous cider, and are great people to boot. And while their website says they were the first to be certified organic, they aren’t the only ones at this point, as least as far as organic ingredients are concerned. Both Finnriver and Eaglemount ciders also use only certified organic fruit. Maybe it’s an Olympic Peninsula thing.

    • Nancy Bishop

      Hi Darlene, Thank you for your nice comments! It sounds like there is some confusion regarding our use of the byline “Washington’s Only Organic Hard Cider” ? When we started this company in 2006 we were the only certified organic cider other than JK Scrumpy in Illinois!! Saying “Washington” was a safe bet. Now that Six Knot has come out with an organically certified cider we are in the process of changing that to something along the line of “……Original Hard Cider”.
      However as you know, the use of Organic apples does not constitute organic cider, that requires another certification and over sight by the NOP or another certifying body and limits the use of many adjuncts other than just the apples themselves.

  2. James Asbel

    And Bear and Nancy maintain the most impeccably trimmed orchard I have ever seen. The overall impression of the branch tip pattern is an almost geometric consistency. Literally a square acre of poetry. You could pick it up and land it in the middle of the Generlife garden in Cordoba and it would be at home.


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