The Cider Journal is for lovers of hard cider, for the hard cider trade and for those seeking to learn more about the burgeoning hard cider options that are available across the country. TCJ is the work of Tom Wark, a 25-year veteran of the wine industry and an award-winning blogger at FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog.

TCJ Sections:
CIDER REVIEWS: TCJ reviews ciders from around the world using rich, in-depth description and a 5-Star rating scale. The goal of the reviews are to offer an independent assessment, while seeking to identify ciders to seek out.

CIDER NEWS: Articles reporting movements in the cider marketplace, new cideries, developments that impact consumer access to cider and pointers to key sources of information about living the cider life.

CIDER EVENTS: In the Cider Events Section of TCJ, we will publish announcements of cider-related events and occasional reviews of cider events.

CIDER VIEWS: Commentary, insight, questions and perspectives on cider drinking the cider market, the cider trade, the cider-life and more show up in the Cider Views Category

About Tom Wark
Tom Wark has worked in wine public and media relations for 25 years and has operated his consultancy, Wark Communications for 20 of those years. Additionally, he has been a consumer advocate, arguing for a modern approach to alcohol regulations that puts the consumer first and provide a greater array of options for producers and retailers to reach the consumer. In 2004, Wark founded FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog where he continues to write about the intersection of wine, culture, business and politics. Wark is the founder of the American Wine Blog Awards and a co-founder of the Wine Bloggers Conference.

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