Addressing a Cider Apple Shortage: The Dr. Is On It

Gregory Peck, Horticulture, AHS Jr. ARECIn a previous post I suggested some thoughts on how new apple trees might be planted in response to a shortage of cider apples. I suggested it will be the artisan cidermakers and orchardists that lead the way toward an understanding of how terroir impacts the cider apple.

It turns out, however, that cidermakers (and by extension, cider lovers) have some help in this important project. In particular I’m thinking today of Greg Peck, Assistant Professor of Horticulture at Virginia Tech. He is also one of the authors of “A Growers Guide to Organic Apples”. Recently, Peck gave a short interview to Marketwatch on what he and his colleagues are doing to help address the shortage of cider apples in the States….a shortage of what is known as “SPITTERS”—apples so bitter and/or so tart one would be inclined to spit it out of their mouths immediately. Yet, it is these apples that have traditionally been used to make cider and that are currently in short supply.

You can listen to Dr. Peck’s interview here:

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