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  1. Brandon D. Adams

    I was just curious if you blog about other cider news? All of our ciders recently won awards at the GLINTCAP awards. We are a small urban craft-cidery in Portland, Or. and we would love to get the word out about our cider! Thanks

    Swift Cider Brings Home The Gold At GLINTCAP!
    Portland-based craft cidery wins medals for all three of their flagship ciders at the World’s largest cider competition.

    Portland, Oregon: Swift Cider entered all three of their flagship ciders in this year’s Great Lakes International Cider and Perry competition (GLINTCAP). There was a record level of participation this year, making GLINTCAP the world’s largest cider competition with 1,003 ciders entered in 20 different categories. When all the score sheets came in, Swift walked away with unprecedented wins for all three of their flagships. Dank Hop and Marionberry won Gold medals in the Hopped/Herbal Cider and Fruit Cider categories. The Wholesome Apple won the Bronze medal in the New World – Modern category. While Oregon producers made a strong showing by earning 66 medals, Swift stood out as the only company to win gold in multiple categories.

    As the US cider industry continues to boom, many competitions have arisen to rate commercial ciders, but few have gained the recognition and respect of the GLINTCAP awards. The judging pool draws from the top cider experts in the world, including makers like Farnum Hills’ Nicole Leibon and Wandering Angus’ Nick Gunn. By presenting the samples in a blind taste test, the judges are left to evaluate ciders based on their organoleptic qualities rather than their label aesthetics. Judges score each entry for appearance, aroma, flavor and overall impression, awarding up to 50 points total. Any cider scoring 45 or more points earns a gold medal and is considered to be a “world class example of the style.”

    On the company’s recent winning, Swift’s cider maker Mark St. Germain said, “It was a very proud moment when we heard they all won medals, including two golds. Next year we will be back with even more cider.” Founder and head cider maker Aidan Currie was “glad to hear that the judges can taste the the benefits of small-batch craftsmanship and Northwest-grown ingredients, and that they all prized the balanced sweetness Swift is known for.” As the company grows its seasonal and limited release offerings,

    they plan to enter more ciders in GLINTCAP 2017.

    About Swift Cider, LLC: Swift Cider is an urban craft cider company based in Portland, Oregon. From the beginning, Swift has been dedicated to producing balanced ciders from authentic, minimally processed ingredients. All of their apples, berries and hops are grown in Oregon and Washington. The current lineup of three flagship ciders is growing to include a rotation of four seasonals and a handful of limited releases. As a small, independently-owned business, Swift supports local communities through giving, education and volunteer work. The Company also honors the impressive Vaux’s Swifts who congregate in Portland on their migration south to Central America and Venezuela.


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