Is This The Best Cidery in America?

albeeThe Cider Journal recently tasted through the Eve’s Cidery bottlings from the 2013 Harvest. These ciders represent among the very best being made in the United States and are perhaps the best collection of ciders from any one producer. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for cider enthusiasts to try these craft ciders. They display a deft hand in the cidery and an intense focus on quality fruit that is the hallmark of any serious craft cider producers. These particular ciders, most impressively, display a purity of fruit and complexity of components.

These ciders are made in extremely small amounts. It is recommended that cider enthusiasts call Eve’s Cidery directly (607) 229-0230) to obtain your share. They won’t last long.

Click on the links below to read the reviews of these seven Eve’s Cidery bottlings. Watch for The Cider Journal’s interview with Autumn Stoscheck, proprietor of Eve’s Cidery.

2013 Albee Hill Still & Dry Cider5 STARS
2013 Beckhorn Hollow Sparkling Dry Cider4.5 STARS
2013 Northern Spy Sparkling Dry Cider 4.5 STARS
2013 Darling Creek Sparkling Semi-Dry Cider4.5 STARS
2013 Kingston Black Still & Dry 4 STARS
2013 Autumn’s Gold Sparkling Cider3.5 STARS
2013 Perry Pear3.5 STARS

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