Bold, Memorable Ciders from Neigel Vintners

nvlogoNeigel Vintners out of Washington State is doing something interesting and smart. They are focusing their interest on pear cider (perry), rather than apple-based cider, the much more common cider drink. This sets them apart in a good way. The proprietors, two brothers, know this. They also know that it counts to stand out in the market place and this explains the lovely, slick packaging. Their 250ml. aluminum containers are very attractive and it turns out a perfect size for gulping.

What will you be gulping. The three ciders I tried were all quite unique. The Pearfect Pear and Gingerly Bold both were made with flavor additions. Those additions were not meant to be subtle. When the perry says “Gingerly Bold”…they mean it.

The Cider Journal Reviewed the following perrys from Neigel Vintners

Neigel Vintners Pearfect Pie Hard Pear Cider

Neigel Vintners Forgotten Virtue Hard Pear Cider

Neigel Vintners Gingerly Bold Hard Pear Cider

Learn more about Neigel Vintners and their perrys at



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