The Cider Journal—A Two Month Report Card

TCJlogosmNow just over two months from its original launch, The Cider Journal has quickly become among the primary media outlets for cider aficionados, the cider trade, reviews of craft cider and general coverage of the craft cider revival. We recognize that the “Cider Media” in the United States is not substantial and citing the The Cider Journal as a prominent outlet doesn’t yet mean a great deal. Still it means a great deal to us and our plan is to continue to ramp up coverage of this growing industry for both those who love the beverage and those who make it. We hope some of you out there will help us continue to grow.

Since the original launch, The Cider Journal has

• Reviewed over 50 ciders from round the world
• Published more than 30 original articles• Issued 109 Tweets and earned 129 Twitter followers
* Seen shelf talkers have been issued with The Cider Journal Reviews
• Found numerous publications have covered The Cider Journal’s launch
• has observed numerous cideries across the country quote from Cider Journal Reviews

Cidermakers, cider importers and cider distributors can do a few things to help The Cider Journal continue its coverage of and support for the burgeoning craft cider industry:

1. Submit your samples for review
While The Cider Journal has purchased more than 90% of the ciders it has reviewed and will continue to purchase ciders for review, by submitting your products we can assure a greater breadth of coverage of the cider industry. See Here For Samples Information.

2. Advertise With The Cider Journal
We brought on our first advertiser recently and are both grateful and proud of this achievement. There remain three more advertising spots and any one (cideries, importers, distributors, retailers, product and service suppliers, media) are welcome advertisers. The cost of advertising will remain very low and the same until the end of 2014. See Here for Advertising Information.

3. Subscribe to The Cider Journal Feed
Right below the advertisements on the right side of the site is a place where you can subscribe to The Cider Journal’s feed. By doing so you can receive an email whenever a new article or review is posted, assuring you don’t miss anything.

4. Help Spread the Word of The Cider Journal
Whether via your Twitter feed, your Facebook page, on your website, in your newsletters or otherwise, by helping spread the word of the existence and work of The Cider Journal, you help assure the success of a publication dedicated to spreading the word of the cider revival, the craft cider movement and the various ciders that are changing the way cider is understood in America.

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