Cider: The Literary Edition

booksimplicityFor cider lovers, here are a few books to put on your reading list.

Modern Cider: Simple Recipes to Make Your Own Ciders, Perries, Cysers, Shrubs, Fruit Wines, Vineg
ars, and More

By Emma Christensen
For the home cider makers, this looks like a serious effort to provide guidance on all things fruit and fermented.

CiderCraft: Discover the Distinctive Flavors and the Vibrant World of North American Hard Cider
By Erin James (July, 2017)
Given the wonderful work James has done with Cidercraft, the magazine, this book should be an outstanding introduction and survey to the new world of North American craft cider.

In Cider: A Taste of the Orchard

(July, 2017
Another review of the world of cider and cider production

The Simplicity of Cider: A Novel

By Amy Reichert (May 2017)
Something different. This time a novel about a cider maker from Wisconsin. It’s a love story centered around cider and an apple orchard.




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