CiderView #1—The Cider Brothers

Today we start a new series at The Cider Journal: “CiderViews”. The idea is to get a quick glimpse at the people behind your favorite ciders by asking them a series of 10 questions. The questions are both Cider-serious and not-so-Cider-serious.
Those people who are actively moving cider forward in the American consciousness are a pretty diverse crowd with various backgrounds and perspectives and personalities. Our hope is that CiderViews give you a brief and interesting look into these new (and established) cider pioneers.

CiderView #1: The Cider Brothers—Michael and Paul Scotto.
PaulMichaelScottoThey were winemakers before they were cidermakers. However, since jumping into cider just a few short years ago, their William Tell and Pacific Coast ciders are showing up across the country in bottles and taps. They make a popular-styled set of ciders and make no apologies. And why should they. Their bottlings have caught on. Brother’s Paul and Michael are young and go-getters, and we are very happy to make them the subject of our first CiderView.

What was the last cider you drank…and how was it?
Michael Scotto (Cider Brother #1): William Tell Hard Apple Cider with Cherry, and it was damned good!

Paul Scotto (Cider Brother #2): William Tell Hard Apple Cider with Cherry and it was wonderful!

Your friends would describe you as….?
Cider Brother #1: Unpredictable!

Cider Brother #2: Smart-assed! And sometimes witty.

What originally sparked your interest in cider?
Cider Brother #1: It was more of a ‘why not’ thing. My brother is a winemaker, so we decided to try something different. It was a curiosity that turned into a company.”

Cider Brother #2: I really like the creative aspect of it, and to be able to do things outside of the box. We come from five generations of winemakers, and cider has no rules like wine.

All time favorite book, movie and musician?
Cider Brother #1: I don’t have a favorite book. If I told you I did, I’d be lying. My favorite movie – it might be too gory – Good Fellas. My favorite musician is Tupac.

Cider Brother #2: Michael Craig’s Jurassic Park (the book was better than the movie). My favorite movie would have to be Star Wars – Return of the Jedi. Music: The Beatles.

Favorite apple varieties?
Cider Brother #1: Fiji

Cider Brother #2: I like Honey Crips and Granny Smith.

Vacation: City, Beach, or Mountains?
Cider Brother #1: Vegas!!!

Cider Brother #2: Vegas!!! And the beach……

The cider you don’t currently make, but want to…?
Cider Brother #1: I’d like to try blending Moscato into a hard apple cider.

Cider Brother #2: My brother just stole my answer because he knows that’s exactly what I’m working on right now!

You are King of the Cider World: What’s your first decree?
Cider Brother #1: No apple juice concentrate!!!

Cider Brother #2: I’d decree that everyone of age can taste our cider for free! Our cider will touch everyone’s tongue in the land!

It’s your last meal…What’s being served?
Cider brother #1: Linguini pasta with red sauce and spicy Italian sausage, garlic bread and water.

Cider Brother #2: Water?! What the hell? I’ll take Chinese food with a Bud Light.

What does the future of cider look like?
Cider Brother #1: It looks like a bright and endless staircase!

Cider Brother #2: Bright – Ha!

Cider Brothers

3 Responses to “CiderView #1—The Cider Brothers”

  1. Gracie scotto

    I love these two boys and so proud of them…aside from being hard creative workers they are awesome family men! Did I mention they are my sons! Cheers!

  2. Deana

    Paul & Michael are amazing men that have the deepest family roots! This is what I believe make them and all that they touch golden! Congratulations and good luck with all the future ciders!

  3. Todd Wilkinson

    Do you have any of these delicious ciders out here in Denver, CO.?
    I have a brother in the industry of distribution, who has been in the liquor industry for 17 years FYI. Hit me up Paisano.


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