CiderView #2: Horse & Plow

Horseplow1Horse & Plow is one of the growing number of California (and Sonoma County in particular) cideries that are making serious craft cider. Long time winemakers who only recently (2014) turned their attention to cider, Suzanne and Chris are making splendid ciders alongside their wines. Both are winemakers with experience making and selling wine. Cider was a natural extension of their efforts given their residency in apple-rich Sonoma County and today they produce about 500 cases of cider annually. We thought their Heirloom and Farmhouse ciders were excellent and recommend them. We also wanted to sound them out in a CiderView.


What was the last cider you drank…and how was it?
Tilted Shed Inclinado. It was great, we always enjoy their ciders.

Your friends would describe you as….?
Not sure, but I would hope loyal and hard working.

What originally sparked your interest in cider?
We love the diversity of Sonoma County, and wanted to support and reflect that in our work. So it seemed natural to make cider in addition to wine.

All time favorite book, movie and musician?
Very hard to choose, but top of the list are: Cloud Atlas, Star Wars, Jerry Garcia.

Favorite apple varieties?
Roxbury Russet for Chris, and I love Jonathan’s. I know they’re not traditional cider apples, but their flavor is well rounded and makes a great base for the final blend. It’s also my brothers name, so I’m biased…

Vacation: City, Beach, or Mountains?
Beach, no question.

The cider you don’t currently make, but want to…?

You are King of the Cider World: What’s your first decree?
No more of that sweet apple soda junk, lol!

It’s your last meal…What’s being served?
Classic roast chicken, oyster dressing and collards.

What does the future of cider look like?
Hopefully we’ll see the continued elevation of the apple. There are so many heirlooms, so much diversity to be preserved and celebrated. We view the apple on par with grapes, with the potential to be world class, without pretension.

You can learn more about Chris and Suzanne, their ciders and their wine at:

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