Explore These 25 French Ciders — And Impress Your Friends

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If you have a friend who has only ever sampled cider out of a bottle that pours sickly sweet light brown liquid called cider and if you want to introduce this friend to true artisan cider they are likely to enjoy, your best bet it so put a French cidre from Normandy or Brittany in front of them.

We’ve recently been tasting a number of such ciders here at The Cider Journal and have found many to recommend. Ciders from Normandy and Brittany are incredibly distinctive due largely to the types of apples used to produce them as well as the unique production methods (keeving) that many use in their production.

What to expect from ciders hailing from Northern France? A delicate and expressive apple sweetness. Good tannin structure due to the bittersweet apples that dominate their cider blends. Low alcohol due to the fermentation being stopped at precise times leaving residual sugar in the cider.

Below are more than 25 French ciders to explore. All of them are or were available in the states. We’ve highlighted those that most impressed us.

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  1. Barney Ward

    If you venture into Switzerland, there is Ciderie du Vulcain, which makes an excellent perry. The owner was mentored by Eric Bordelet.


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