New Book Explains Cider Simply

cidermadesimpleWith the cider resurgence it should be no surprise that new cider books would be hitting he shelves. The most recent addition is a small but excellent primer on the world of cider: Cider Made Simple: All About Your Favorite New Drink” by Jeff Alworth.

Published by Chronicle Books, always an excellent source for food and wine books, Cider Made Simple is expressly meant to educate that growing number who have only recently found cider and have decided to explore further. “Cider Made Simple” does exactly what it’s title promises. The book is divided into seven chapters, one each devoted to apples, producing cider, traditional English Ciders, Normandy Cider, Spanish Cider, the range of new and traditional American Cider and Ice Cider.

Readers should walk away with a firm foundation for launching into a deeper exploration of Cider. At only 169 pages, Cider Made Simple is a quick and easy read, yet can also be kept as a quick reference.

Author Alworth maintains the beer blog “Beervanna” and is also the author of The Beer Bible and Beer Tasting Quick Reference Guide.

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  1. Matthew

    I’ve loved Jeff Alworth’s writing ever since I discovered “Beer Tasting Quick Reference Guide” and his Beervana blog. The writing is always elegant and eloquent. good stuff!


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