A New Branch of the Cider Revival in Colorado — Stem Ciders Reviews

le-chene_bottleOfficially launching just over a year ago in Denver, Colorado, Stem Ciders Stem Ciders appears to be riding the craft cider wave and taking the region by storm. We recently tasted the four-cider line up produced by Stem and found them all to be extraordinarily pure and clean renderings of the apple with some a bit of flourish.

Stem was founded by to Michiganders who found their way to Colorado. Founder Eric Foster made his bones working in a cider mill in his own Michigan hometown before heading to Colorado in 2000, while his Co-founder Phillip Kao arrived in Colorado in 2005 to study Mechanical engineering.

Banjo Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider3 STARS
Le Chene Barrel Aged Dry Hard Cider: 4.5 STARS
Remedy Dry Hopped Hard Cider: 3 STARS
Malice Dry Hard Cider3 STARS

Stem is currently producing four cider; one a straight tank-fermented apple cider, two barrel-aged ciders and one hopped cider. While we found some of the ciders more intriguing than others one thing stood out across the line up: a purity and intensity of flavor.

The best way to taste the Stem Ciders is to show up at their tap-room, which is also their production facility: 2811 Walnut St, Ste 150, Denver, CO, 80205. You can also reach Stem Cider or learn more this way: (720) 443-3007 • http://www.stemciders.com.

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