A New Expansion of the Craft Cider Market

tiltedshednewfacilityWith the continuing robust growth of cider sales in the U.S., most attention is paid to the large commercial ciders that have significantly increased sales and spread their fame via nationally televised commercial campaigns. However, equally important is the growth of small artisan producers across the country that are spreading the gospel of the beauty and complexity of true craft cider, including a new Portland-based cider we recently wrote about.

Exemplifying this latter trend is Tilted Shed Ciderworks out of Sonoma County, California, which recently announced a significant expansion allowing the small cidery to move from a 700 square foot facility to a 2,000 square foot facility that will allow not merely for expanded production space, but also for hospitality activity. Tilted Shed produces small batch ciders from local Sonoma County cider apples.

The Tilted Shed expansion comes on the heels of their expanded distribution into other markets.Tilted Logo This kind of expansion of small cideries producing high quality products is likely to continue across the country as these cideries take advantage not only of increased interest in this beverage, but an equally enhanced interest in the craft side of movement.

The increased sales accompanying the current cider revival will eventually level out, or at least slow. Craft cideries will need to work harder to sustain their sales as well as increase the customer base for craft cider. One way to successfully do this is enhance the hospitality end of their business.

This is part of the Tilted Shed plan. Ellen Cavalli, one of the co-owners of Tilted Shed told The Cider Journal that a Cider Salon is in the works for their new facility:

Tilted Ciders“The salon will be forum in which we offer educational panels and presentations on cider appreciation, history, apples, food pairings, and tastings of extremely rare and experimental cider batches, with tours of the cidery and discussion of our production process and apple varieties. Our goals are to promote the beautiful heritage of cider, showcase its exquisite complexity and diversity, and prove that Sonoma County can produce world-class ciders along with wines. We’ll be hosting the salon in the cidery itself, on an occasional basis.”

The new Tilted Shed Ciderworks Cidery and Salon will be located at 7761 Bell Road in Windsor, California in Sonoma County.

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