A Nova Scotia Hard Cider Boom

NovaScotiaAnnapolisIn its most recent sales report, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation confirmed that sales of hard cider in the Canadian province have soared. According to the NSLC, sales of hard cider for the 12 months ending March 31, increased a whopping 146%. This comes on the heels of a 96% increase in hard cider sales for the same 2012-2013 period.

Looking through the current cider inventory in the NSLC online catalog, one finds a number of ciders including the ubiquitous commercial brands, but also a number of brands produce exclusively from the famed Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. Among them are Stutz Cider, Bulwark, Tideview Cider, Shipbuilders Cider and L’Acadie Vineyards Organic Cider.

The Nova Scotia cider industry is centered around the Annapolis Valley, located in the western reaches of the Nova Scotia peninsula. The Annapolis Valley’s escapes the fierce northern winds as well as the fog coming off of the Bay of Fundy due to the protection of the North Mountain. The result is a much milder climate perfect for apple cultivation, which was brought to the region by the French settles who eventually left and were known as the Acadians. Today over 4,500 acres of apples are cultivated in the province.

Last year, a spokesperson for the NSLC noted that sales of Nova Scotia cider inside the province increased by over 200%




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