The Portland Cider Summit is Coming

PortCiderSummitFor full fledged hard ciderites and for those just now beginning to dabble in the drink the upcoming Portland Cider Summit is a required event. Some of the finest craft cider producers in the U.S. and from around the world will be pouring in Portland and the Summit offers the opportunity to taste a variety of styles of cider and get a good idea of where this burgeoning category of drink is going.

The Portland Cider Summit will take place over two days, June 20-21, a the Fields Neighborhood Park in Portland’s Pearl District. Tickets allowing entry to both days are only $25. They can be purchased by clicking here.

Based on the list of cider producers who poured at the 2013 event, you can expect some of the most coveted ciders in America to be presented at the event including bottling from Colorado Cider Company, EZ Orchards, Eden Ice Cider Company, Finnriver Farm and Cider and Reverand Nat’s.

Unlike wine and beer, Cider’s best producers are not distributed across the country and for most folks what’s readily available are commercial cider brands that tend to cater to a sweet tooth that wants fizz and alcohol with their sugar. That is why events like the Cider Summit are so enlightening. The event provides the opportunity to investigate the wide range of craft cider.

I attended the 2014 Cider Summit in Berkeley, California. It was a wonderfully produced event. The 2015 Portland edition ought to be as good or better, particularly because there reside so many more fine cideries in closer proximity to Portland than the Bay Area.

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