Promoting the Real (Cider) Deal in Oregon

FinneganlabelOregon’s Finnegan Cider Company is one of the growing number of American cideries driven by the desires of its owners to produce something truly craft; truly authentic. In the case of Finnegan, this means, among other things, a dedication to using the tried and true cider apples that came to us from England and France.

Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Finnegan is the product of the husband and wife team of Colleen Finnegan and Josh Johnson. They founded the operation in 2009. In 2012 they planted 3,000 authentic cider apples trees on a farm in nearby Sherwood. They will reap their first harvest from these trees this season.

We tasted two of the Finnegan ciders at the Cider Journal recently and came away impressed. Both the “Harvest Blend” and the “Vintage Sparkling” deliver ripe, highly delineated and focused apple aromas and flavors, yet neither shy away from the earthy elements consistently found in the best ciders.


Finnegan Cider Vintage Sparkling3.5 STARS
Finnegan Cider Harvest Blend4 STARS

The Finnegan Ciders are located and sold throughout Oregon and Washington and can now be found in California.



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