2 Towns “BrightCider” Hard Apple Cider

2townbrightciderIt’s a spotless and clear cider leaning toward the yellow/straw end of the spectrum and chalked full of relatively large bubbles. The aromas on the BrightCider are linear bolts of fresh apple. It’s fresh, ripe green apple aroma. The cider is light bodied, given weight primarily by the sugar, which is balanced by the effervescents and moderate acidity. On the palate the experience is one of moderately sweet apple, citrus and with a tinge of bitterness on the finish . While a pretty simple cider, it is pretty well-built and serves its purpose of being eminently quaffable.

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Pacific Northwest
Fruit: Apple
Price: $6.99 / 500ml bottle
Rating: 2.5\ stars

One Response to “2 Towns “BrightCider” Hard Apple Cider”

  1. Kate

    I agree it is pretty simple…a bit too simple for my tastes. I like more flavor (and a bit more sweetness). Especially for the price, I’m not impressed. I like some of their other flavors though.


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