2 Towns Cider House Return of the Mack

Here Oregon’s 2 Towns Ciderhouse plays around with the McIntosh apple, letting its juice age for 12 months in large, wooden vats. It’s an unfiltered cider and this shows with the slightly hazy light straw color. The aromas trade on sweet whiffs of ripe apple without a stitch of funk. However, there are slight notes of yeast and caramel in the nose. It’s a lower acid cider that is still for all intents and purpose. Tannins too are moderate. This is pretty sweet cider and requires the drinker to consume it on the colder side. However, even chilled the flavors of sweet ripe apple are banging. It’s a creamy apple sweetness that also delivers a hint of bitterness and a slight citrusy character on the finish. All and all the residual sugar makes this a real medium sized cider that starts and finishes pretty big. Very showy, the Return of the Mack should prove popular for sweet cider drinkers that want lots of flavor stuffed into their drink. At the relatively high 8.4% alcohol, it’s a nice thing that the alcohol barely shows up.


Alcohol: 8.4%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: 100% McIntosh
Price: $7.00 / 16.9oz.
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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