2 Towns Ciderhouse Prickle Me Pink

2townsPrickleMePinkWell, this is by far the most colorful of the many ciders we have reviewed from 2 Towns. Gaining its color from additions of juice of the Prickly Pear, this apple-based cider is clear, brilliant and intensely ruby colored. Aromatically, imagine fresh-cut strawberries rolled in a bowl of rose petals. It’s a very feminine set of aromas that roll over toward watermelon. In a bid for consistency, the flavors match the aroma to a T. Apple flavors make an appearance but it’s really only a walk on. It’s a relatively sweet cider, making it easy to drink. It’s a light bodied cider that has a slightly hollow mid palate. I couldn’t help thinking as it was sampled that a dash of vodka or gin would really help the drink. In fact, the Prickle Me Pink cider would make a fantastic mixer in a creative cocktalian’s repertoire.

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Northwest
Fruit: Apples and Prickly Pear
Price: $8.49 / 500ml
Rating: 3\ stars

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