2 Towns Ciderhouse Suns Out Saison Peach Cider

This limited release from Corvallis, Oregon’s 2 Towns Cider House is produced with a French Saison yeast and copious amounts of peaches grown in the Pacific Northwest. The release begins with quick foaming action that immediately gives way to a light straw color with fast rising small bubbles. Aromas of ripe peach and tart apple steal the show and form a thick aromatic layer over the thin hints of Asian spice. A very clean nose. The flavors are more apple driven than peach driven. In fact, it’s clean, off-dry ripe apple that leads with just notes of peach following up. This is very refreshing cider due to the beautiful acidity that is laced throughout and the moderate effervescence. A slight streak of tannin helps build a medium bodied structure. Overall a very appealing cider that slightly overpromises on the peach. Enjoyable.

Alcohol: 5.8%
Source: Pacific Northwest
Fruit: Unknown Apple and Peah
Price: $8.00 / 500ml.
Rating: 3\ stars

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