2 Towns Cidre Muscato

2townsCidreMuscatoThis unusual cider is made not only with apples, but with a fairly significant dollop of Muscato grapes. This latter fact doesn’t necessarily account for the light golden color and clear pour of the Cidre Muscato. Instead, it’s the nose and aromas that give away the trick. The distinctly sweet floral aroma native to most Muscato wines is very prominent in this cider. It comes off more floral than tropical, which one often encounters with Muscato varietal. It’s an interesting, unique and very attractive aroma that many will adore. However, it’s hard to dig past the floral element to get to apple or citrus aromas that lurk below. Quite sparkling on the palate this is medium bodied for a cider and serves up a good dose of acidity. Flavors? It’s certainly grapey (or winey, of you prefer). But unlike the aromas, the apple does come through in the taste. additionally, this is fairly sweet cider. In all, it’s attractive and will appeal as a curiosity and great thirst quencher.

Alcohol: 6.9%
Source: Pacific Northwest
Fruit: Apples and Muscato Grapes
Price: $8.49 / 500ml Bottle
Rating: 3\ stars

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