2008 Eden Cellar Series #2 — The Falstaff Seven Year Cider

Eden2008FalstaffHello! The picture of this cider with its deep amber robe suggests intensity and lusciousness. Nothing about this seven-year barrel aged ice cider suggests otherwise. The nose is remarkable: Burnt sugar, fig, allspice, cinnamon, reduced apple, cooked raisins and oxidative notes all combine in a spectacularly intense and complex aromatic profile. The flavor profile is equally impressive delivering up something between a tawny port and sherry. Warm flavors of heavily reduced apple work in a swirl of cooked fig, more raisin, butterscotch along with hints of pear and apricot. The alcohol warms the mouth and throat. Remarkably this cider sports a load of acid. This is one of the few ciders I’d happily keep in a nice cool cellar for 10 years to see where it goes. This is one of the finest dessert ciders I’ve ever tasted. My recommendation is you perform whatever form of genuflecting needed to obtain as much as possible. Stunning.



Alcohol: 10%
Source: Eden Estate Orchards
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $50.00 / 375ml.
Rating: 5\ stars

One Response to “2008 Eden Cellar Series #2 — The Falstaff Seven Year Cider”

  1. Sharon Garelick

    Lucky enough to have a bottle of Falstaff. Found it easy delightful and easy to drink-this from a person who does not drink much especially ciders and beers. Bottle was sampled by our family and friends and enjoyed by all. Thanks for including it in the winter sampling.


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