2009 EZ Orchards Cidre — Willamette Valley

ez-orchards09The cloudy, richly gold-colored 2009 Cidre starts with a robust foaming that eventually calms and dissipates. The nose on this six-year-old Willamette Valley cidre is beautiful. It combines ripe apple notes, hints of caramel, new yeast and the barest note of the medicinal. The palate is medium in weight and displays still vibrant tannin along with a slight effervescence and thread of acidity that makes this cider a refreshing and crisp treat well into its 6th year. The flavors of the 2009 remain rich and vibrant, showcasing both fresh and cooked apple, the barest note of vinegar, a mineral component on the finish and the natural but demure sweetness that rounds out a very complex and interesting drink. This cider is an argument for letting America’s best hard cider rest and age for 3-8 years. A remarkable cider that if well stored is likely at its peak.

Alcohol: 6.1%
Source: EZ Orchards - Willamette Valley
Fruit: Traditional French Cidre Apples
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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