EZ Orchards 2011 Cidre — Willamette Valley

EZlogoLocated in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, EZ Orchard is the product of the The Zielinski Family. Their Willamette Valley Cidre is the only cider produced. The inspiration is the cidre of Northern France. In fact, upwards of 85% of the apples used in this cider are traditional French cider varieties. The apples were planted in 2000 and led to the first bottling in 2009. I urge you to seek out this bottling. It is as authentic a craft cider you will find.

Cidercon1__MG_7345-resizedI’d be very much interested to understand the science of foam(ing), if only to appreciate why the foam appearing upon pouring the EZ Orchard 2011 Cidre was the largest head I’ve yet encountered on a cider. Within seconds, it disappears. But it is an impressive display. Meanwhile, a deep golden liquid sets up that carries a red tint, suggesting something rich to come.  And what comes really is special. The aromas that lift off this cider are subtle but wide and complex with clean apple lifting up highest. Cherry, warm ale, baking spices and a yeasty note swim together rendering a swirl of goodness. The palate is balance on a scale. tannin and acid bearing equal weight, neither too much, neither in retreat while the fizz is present but not overbearing—like Sparkling wine. It’s medium bodied and spreads out in a juicy fashion across the palate. Then, apple, pear a light and interesting musty note, all woven together and long and lasting. Finally, the 2011 EZ Orchard Cidre is nearly dry, leaving a simper of sweetness as the final note. This is chart topping hard cider. It costs a mere $12.99 per 750ml. bottle. This is monumentally under-priced making it among the best values in the alcohol beverage channel I’ve ever encountered.

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Fruit: Primarily French Apple Cider Varieties
Price: $12.99
Rating: 5\ stars

8 Responses to “EZ Orchards 2011 Cidre — Willamette Valley”

  1. Eric West

    There are some very good values out there. It’s a good time to be a cider drinker! Some of the best US ciders are surprisingly affordable: Westcott Bay, Farnum Hill, EZ Orchards, West County.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens as more European ciders are brought over by Shelton Brothers, Rowan Imports, Ciders of Spain, and various wine importers who also have cider in their portfolio. Many of the European offerings undercut US craft producers on price and quality!

  2. tomwark


    It’s amazing that the best ciders made in the U.S. can be had for about $20 per 750m. They are absolute steals. You can look at K&L’s selection and there is a single cider (A French) that is priced above $20.

  3. Blake Gray

    Tom: Don’t shoot the messenger, but $20 for 750 ml isn’t that cheap. Not saying it’s not worth it. But we both know the average price paid for a bottle of wine in the US.

    • tomwark

      Blake, on a price/quality level, I think this cider is a remarkable value. Its a GREAT Cider. For $20, you get one of the best ciders produced in the Northwest.

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