2012 Acebal “El Carrascu” Natural Cider

El carrascuThe 2012 Acebal “El Carrascu” pours a slightly cloudy light gold and sports nary a bubble. When lifted to your nose, an Asturian cider can’t be mistaken for cider from any other part of the world. Those typical notes of nail polish, apple and used yeast are unmistakable and this cider doesn’t depart from that profile. However, the nose on this beauty, while staying true to its Asturian form, possess a wonderfully complex and varied combination of aromas without ever giving over to an over abundance of a single note. The aromas here display sour apple, banana, hints of nail polish, a tease of vinegar, mineral notes and, above all, a freshness. This is a light bodied cider that parades around a firm acidic core (more freshness) along with subtle tannin grip. There is little to no fizz and it’s dry. The flavors are highlighted by tart apple and sour apple peel notes, that pull along a combination of bright pear, woody notes, a pinch of vinegar and round citrus notes. The finish is long and satisfying. This is one of the finest Spanish ciders we’ve encountered here in the states and highly recommend it. Above all there is a beautiful freshness to the drink sustained by a balance of components without ever departing from its Asturian origin. This is beautiful cider



Alcohol: 6%
Source: Asturias, Spain
Fruit: A blend of Asturian varieties including Regona, Derona de Tresali, Raxao, Carrio and Limon Montes
Price: $11.99 / 700ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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