2013 Alpenfire Dungeness Still Hard Cider

AlpenfireDungenessAlpenfire’s cider from the Dungeness Orchard on Washington’s Puget Sound pours a perfectly clear and crisp cold and lives up to its “still” billing. Nary a bubble in sight. The aromas lead with ripe apples that are surrounded by a thin lining of spice (particularly cinnamon notes). The nose throws the slightest note of funk, which provides complexity, not concern. It’s a medium bodied hard cider that possess wonderful balance, showing off silky tannins through which the core of acidity moves and helps enliven the drink’s stillness. The flavors mimic closely to the aromas with the fresh apple flavors layered over a note of brown, oxidized apple. The Dungeness finishes fairly long and is a nicely made, refreshing, interesting cider. The bottle says this cider is produced from more than 200 different apple varieties.

Alcohol: 6.8%
Source: Dungeness Orchard, Sequin, Washington
Fruit: 200 different apple varieties
Price: $12.99 / 500m.
Rating: 4\ stars

3 Responses to “2013 Alpenfire Dungeness Still Hard Cider”

  1. Kate

    Tastes definitely vary! I thought this was one of the worst ciders I’ve ever had. Much more like wine than cider, and very dry. I picked up a lot of funk in the smell & taste. I wonder though if the cork aspect messed it up any, as it was very very soft. Mine actually did bubble, so I was confused. I even had bought a bottle of it and on the way to the car the cork literally popped itself out, so I had to exchange it!

    • Nancy Bishop

      Hi Kate,
      I was just sent a copy of this review and I want to say that I am so sorry you got an old batch of
      Dungeness and I’m not surprised that you were disappointed! That cider was at least 3 years old and in that package it required constant refrigeration. We learned later that they were rarely refrigerated in the shops and so we gave up on the idea of producing an unpasteurized fresh cider packaged like that. If you are ever here on the peninsula please stop in and ask for me I will gladly send you home with something that you will enjoy. Best Regards, Nancy


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