2013 Tilted Shed Ciderworks Barred Rock Barrel Aged Cider

tiltedShedBarredrockThe 2013 Barred Rock is a barrel-aged cider that pours with a moment of effervescent headiness that eventually recedes and leaves behind clear, golden liquid with the most miniscule bubbles rising and taking their time about it. As I always do, I start with a description of the nose and its aromas. It’s difficult not to spend the entire review contemplating this cider’s nose. It’s extraordinarily complex. Let me list the ways: Orange peel, clove, anise, sassafras, cooked apple, lime blossoms. Chefs contemplating how to pair this cider with a first or second course might go in a number of directions. Beautiful. On the palate this is a relatively weighty cider due in large part to the 9% alcohol. This is dry cider with a lovely balance of tannin and acid. The flavor is dominated by a combination of ripe apple and a stern woodiness from the barrel aging. This latter quality almost dominates the drink, but is held in check by spiced apple and floral flavors. The finish is extraordinarily long. This is nearly a five-star cider but for the over abundance of oak on the palate and a slight headiness from the alcohol. There is the complexity of that extraordinary nose and the combination of intense flavors that will not be blanketed by the barrel aging. This is a cider to pair with something roasted or a rich alfredo sauce

Alcohol: 9.4%
Source: Sonoma County, California
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $17.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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  1. Dan Daugherty

    Thanks for the review. This one sounds quite interesting. Does Tilted Shed distribute to Colorado? Would be interested to know how they get the ABV up to 9%; I’ve had a few decent examples (e.g., Two Towns) with added honey but not so much as you’d think it was a Cyser.


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