2013 Tilted Shed Ciderworks Inclinado

InclinadoThis is Tilted Shed Ciderwork’s homage to Spanish Sidra, complete with the tang and slight spritz. Produced from 100% Gravenstein apples, Inclinado begins with a yellow/gold visage that is augmented by a slight haze. The effervescence is in attendance, but appropriately inconsiderable. No foam here. Just a modicum of medium bubbles. The wild ferment does leave a veil of Spanish tang in this California sidra’s nose. But in addition, you get lovely high-toned floral notes, a slight tilt toward the herbal and sweet orange aromas. The body is built around some well structured velvety tannins that wrap a round a smaller acidic core. This isn’t cider for the Sweet Juice Chuggers. It’s for those looking for something more complex and interesting. It’s when you drink the Inclinado that the Spanish model really shows through. Muted apple notes combine with a very slight tangy/acetic character so familiar to Spanish sidra drinkers. But there is much more stuffed in here, most particularly the lemon and lime notes that lift up the cooked apple celebration that splashes all over the finish. Another wonderful effort and appropriate homage by Sonoma County’s Tilted Shed Ciderworks.

Alcohol: 7.5%
Source: Sonoma County
Fruit: 100% Gravenstien
Price: 21.00 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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