2013 Tilted Shed Lost Orchard Dry Cider

2013LostOrchardA small production cider (20 cases) from Sonoma County, California’s Tilted Shed Ciderworks. The apples are foraged from feral orchards around the county. The cider displays rich golden hues in the glass, is nearly brilliant and shows off very tiny bubbles. The aromas in the Lost Orchard are led by fresh, ripe apple notes that are all wrapped up inside a light funky character, yeasty highlights, citrus (the lime side of the spectrum) and something green or herbal. It’s a wonderfully complex set of aromatics. Lots of flavor here. First, this is dry cider that takes gives a head fake toward residual sugar but what you are tasting is over-ripe or cooked apple flavors. A slight bitter note creeps up, which is then intruded upon by a woody quality. Flavors of scorched lemon peel make an appearance. Acid, tannin, effervescence and alcohol all help shape a medium bodied cider that delivers wonderful balance. In the end, this is substantial and complex cider that wants cheeses and meets and full flavors to accompany it.

Alcohol: 8%
Source: Sonoma County
Fruit: Nehou, Muscat de Bernay, Porter’s Perfection, Yarlington Mill, Foxwhelp, Tremlett’s Bitter, and Roxbury Russet and other English, French and American apple varieties
Price: $21.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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