2014 Eden Semi-Dry Sparkling Cider

EDEN_SPARKLING CIDER-SemiDry-375MLEden’s 2014 vintage (their second of this bottling) of their sparkling cider pours with a rich gold color and sports only a modicum of very tiny bubbles. In fact, not soon after pouring the cider appears nearly still. The nose resembles Eden’s spectacular ice wines: sweet, ripe apple aromas lift up aggressively out of the glass. A hint of yeasty funk surrounds the ripe apple as side notes. Finally, we appreciate the hint of spicy graham cracker. On the palate it’s again apple that reigns. It’s ripe, but not overripe apple that spreads across the palate with a small dollop of sweetness.  A sweet bitter note is interesting too. Notes of peach and a woody hint round out the palate. Texturally, the Eden Sparkling cider sports bright effervescence and firm tannins with a real nice core of acidity. A note of warm alcohol coats the palate two.  Another beautifully built cider from Eden that keeps them established as one of America’s top-tier cideries.

Alcohol: 9.5%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: Heirloom and Traditional Cider Apples
Price: $18.00 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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