2014 Eve’s Cidery Autumn’s Gold Sparkling Dry Cider

2014EvesAutumnsA clear deep gold with slow rising, medium-sized bubbles introduce the 2014 Autumn’s Gold from Eve’s Cidery in New York. Aromatically this cider is focused and simply stunning. What’s remarkable is that tasted blind, this cider could be mistaken for a just bottled ice cider. Yet it’s dry. Ripe apple aromas rise out of the glass and don’t stop. There is nearly a burnt apple sauce character to the nose. Really extraordinary. And what makes it extraordinary is that when you feel the cider on your palate there is not a stitch of sugar. This is truly dry cider. Tannins form the critical scaffolding in the Autumn’s Gold with Acid playing a secondary role, but still quite in evidence. It is moderately effervescent. Again, no sugar in support and no sign of the 8.5% alcohol. On the palate the drinker is introduced to tart green apple notes, the slightest hint of barnyard on the mid palate, flavors of fresh herbs and a graphite/mineral quality. This cider is so well-built as to astound…From the luscious, sugary esters to the rigid but giving tannin-built structure to the layers of flavors. Beautiful cider.



Alcohol: 8.5%
Source: Eves Cidery Estate Orchard
Fruit: Dabinett, Bulmer’s Norman, Major, Ellis Bitter, Somerset Redstreak, Golden Russet, Akane, Goldrush and Idared
Price: $15.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 5\ stars

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