2014 Shacksbury 1840 Craft Cider – Limited Release Collection

Shacksbury1840A somewhat muddy gold and yellow liquid pours with no foaming. A bright citrus and underripe apple aroma lifts out of the glass with a note of nail polish/volatile acidity a la Spanish Asturian cider. Mineral and delightful floral notes waft about, weaving in and out of the dominant citrus.  A nutty note brings up the rear. On the palate the salty citrus is front and center, tamping down but not completely obscuring unripe apple and pear flavors. Elements of liquid herbs are harbored too. Very distinctive flavors that you will either relish or not. This is medium bodied cider that trades on firm acidity first but also being held together with silky finishing tannins. There is a bit of effervescence in this cider, but not enough to make an impression. It drinks dry. This very good approximation of Asturian cider delivers brightness and refreshes. The 240 cases of this cider were produced from 100% foraged apples from forgotten homestead orchards in Vermont and left in a generally wild state. A beautiful accomplishment and ode to lost apples.

Alcohol: 6.5%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: Foraged apples
Price: $23.00 / 500ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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