2014 Shacksbury Lost & Found

shacksburyLostandFoundProduced from primarily foraged apples from the Champlain Valley. The 2014 Lost and Found has a slight cloudiness to the gold/orange cider that pours with decent effervescence. The nose on this cider is beautiful. A mix of warm ripe apple, forest floor, wet cement, a hint of early vinegar and notes of warm rising dough. Good apple flavors spill out across the palate, propelled by some pretty sturdy tannins that will linger. A touch of funkiness is carried along in the flavors. This is big, dry cider, notably due to the big tannin structure that really overwhelms the palate. The tannins are somewhat rough, not silky like we’ve tasted in other Shacksbury bottlings. You are going to want to pair this with something and my suggestion would be bacon or something with a degree of animal fat. This is really a beautiful cider that clings to the palate and leaves and impression.

Alcohol: 6.7%
Source: Vermont and New Hampshire
Fruit: Foraged apples from the Champlain Valley of Vermont and heirloom cider apples from New Hampshire
Price: $19.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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