2014 Tilted Shed Barred Rock Barrel-Aged Cider

tilted2014BarredA rich gold hue and perfect brilliance is what begins this barrel aged cider from Sonoma County’s Tilted Shed Ciderworks. Produced from a collection of late season “heirloom” Sonoma apples that are likely heavy on the  Gravenstein. It is carbonated, but not excessively so. Aroma of ripe to cooked apple is dominant. Not the Jolly Rancher apple, but the apple aroma that fills a store-room filled with crates of resting apples. The honey notes that fill out the apple aromas might likely be a result of the raisins, molasses and brown sugar that was added at fermentation in the “New England Style”. The 9% alcohol is also announced in the aromas making for an altogether complex nose. The first thing you notice when sipping this cider is its size. This big, boldly flavored, intense cider. Dry in every respect, the Barred Rock first delivers a taste of apples seeped in spirits. Fig, alcohol, a smokey note and preserved pear all come together following the apple spirit jolt. It has a creamy mouthfeel and a structure built on an acid base that is straining, but keeping the drink in the air. This is cider one really ought to pair with food. While it will work with baked, fruit-based desserts, don’t hesitate to set it down next to pork or charred beef. It will certainly hold up. Truly lovely.

Alcohol: 9%
Source: Sonoma
Fruit: Heirloom Apple Varieties
Price: $18.00 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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