2015 Liberty Ciderworks Reserve Series Kingston Black

More from Liberty’s Reserve Series, this is a 100% Kingston Black cider produced from apples grown at Steury Orchards in Potlatch, Idaho. The color is a distinctive and rich orange/amber that fills the glass quietly and perhaps has the barest cloudiness. The aromatics are a tribute to ripeness. Notes of juicy, ripe apple leap from the glass in with a pretty intensity. A small, but not overwhelming, dash of farmyard and yeast encircles the ripe apple notes. Caramel and brown sugar show off on the edge. Again, intensity is the watchword on the palate. Big, rich, dense flavors of ripe to near cooked apple shellac the tongue. There are small notes of bitter earth, burnt orange, caramel, and Asian spices that all come together in a very slightly sweet melange. Texturally this is big, still cider that trades on a tannin structure able to support roasted meats and good amount of animal fats. Despite its 9.8% alcohol, it’s not hot at all. This is beautiful cider that deserves a much larger audience than the 2 cases produced.

Alcohol: 4.2%
Source: Steury Orchards in Potlatch, Idaho
Fruit: 100% Kingston Black
Price: 17.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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