Cider Riot Never Give An Inch Blackberry Cider

CiderRiotBlackberryThis muted purple cider lives with a sustained ring of foam. Produced from Northwest apples, along with blackberries and black currants from Oregon, Cider Riot’s Blackberry cider does indeed throw of dense berry aromas. Additionally, you’ll encounter notes of raisins, anise, floral notes, but mainly beautiful berry notes. The intense berry comes right though on the palate where this dry cider provides us with rich blackberry flavors. The backbone of apple in this cider really doesn’t make an appearance, but that seem OK since the cider is labeled “blackberry” and that’s exactly what you get. It’s built around a nice set of tannins that outshine the acidity, but that acidity along with a good dose of carbonation create a very refreshing, dry, lively drink. It’s like shoving your nose into a blackberry patch without the scratch of the thorns. More beautiful cider from the hardworking folks at Cider Riot.

Alcohol: 6.9%
Source: Pacific Northwest
Fruit: Apples, Blackberries and Black Currants
Price: $8.00 / 16.9oz
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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