2015 2 Towns Ciderhouse Riverwood

My first encounter with the Riverwood Cider came when it was bottled by 2 Towns under their now disbanded “Traditions” brand. I’m happy to see they kept this bottling around, but now under the much more ubiquitous 2 Towns label. The cider is produced with Jonagold and Porters Perfection apples grown in the stunning Willamette Valley in Oregon. The Riverwood is a blend of Jonagold and Porters Perfection that is cold fermented and aged in used chardonnay barrels. Out of the bottle the cider displays moderate effervescence with a foaming that retreats quickly, leaving behind a constant rise of medium sized bubbles through a brilliant light gold colored cider. Aromatically you are first struck by the clean tart to ripe apple notes. The nose also throws aromas of lemon flower. It’s very appealing. On the palate moderate fizz, a striking acidity and modetanninsannns that massage the inner cheek all resolve into a lovely, crisp structure. The Riverwood’s march of flavors is led by ripe green apple, followed up by very nice mineral, floral and herbaceous notes. It is just barely sweet enough to make it a wonderfully complex and satisfying drink. I was somewhat saddened to see the Traditions brand go away, but understand the marketing and logistical reasons for the consolidation of brands under the 2 Towns label. However, this cider deserves a more showy package.

Alcohol: 6.3%
Source: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Fruit: Jonagold and Porters Perfection
Price: $9.50 / 22oz
Rating: 4\ stars

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