2014 Aaron Burr Cidery East Branch

burrEastBranch2014This New York cider that starts off with a gold/orange slightly cloudy pour is produced from foraged apples near the east branch of the Upper Delaware River. The nose is redolent of ripe, sweet apple wrapped in a mesh of beautiful savory funk. An herbal and wet soil note lingers. Very interesting and very intense nose. On the palate this cider comes off as extraordinarily savory. It’s dry and the flavors are assertive. A salty edge hangs on to this cider that is built around flavors of tart apple, dirty minerality and a bitter note. Structurally tannins lead the way, but there is a lovely and somewhat thick thread of acid that helps buoy the cider and give it a liveliness. Finally the East Branch harbors significant effervescence. This is fascinating cider this tastes entirely untouched and without manipulation. It’s fun to contemplate, but I think it will shine next to a piece of meat that has been well charred or perhaps an intensely flavored coq au vin.

salt, tannin, bitter, dry

Alcohol: 7.8%
Source: Foraged
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $20.99 / 500m
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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