Alpenfire Glow Rosé Hard Cider

AlpenFireGlowIt’s hard to not simply sit and stare at this beautiful burnt orange-colored cider that one might also describe as salmon colored. It’s spritzy on the pour and crystal clear. This a single variety cider produced from the “Hidden Rose” variety of apple that possesses a deep red flesh, giving it its unique coloring. It’s rare enough to find a single variety cider. It’s rarer still to find a varietal “Hidden Rose” cider. The aromas are composed primarily of a really luscious, ripe apple character. The aromas here are really one note…But it’s a very attractive note that reminds us of a closed room filled with apples picked a week or two ago. This isn’t the candied apple aroma one is presented with by commercial cideries. It’s a much more authentic, satisfying, and honest aroma. On the palate you get a robustly built cider, sporting rich tannin, notes of sugar and a rich weightiness that is tamed by the sparkle. The flavors too are all about the apple, but it’s a rich rendition of sweet green apple with notes of bitterness. The finish is made lengthy by the muscularity of the cider. This is cider that is begging for a companion dish of rich short ribs, barbecued salmon, or even a cassoulet. Delicious and decadent.

Alcohol: 6.8%
Source: AlpenFire Estate Orchard, Port Townsend, Washington
Fruit: Hidden Rose
Price: $28.00 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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