Angry Orchard 2015 Valley Flor First Flora

Another cider from Angry Orchard’s collection of craft ciders from their Walden Orchard in the Hudson. This one is given a natural fermentation using bittersweets and Sharps then aged in barrels previously used to age Calvados (nice touch). The cider pours a beautiful rich golden color bordering on orange. It’s still. The nose is a fresh blend of ripe apple, orange blossom and a bare hint of funk. There is a sweetness to the nose. It’s a very pleasant cider that is wine-like. Tannins serve as the primary structural component with a thin string of acid running through the middle. Not dry, but certainly not sweet in a typical Angry Orchard way, the First Flora delivers wonderful fresh apple flavors, notes of yeasty funk and a salty finish. This is very good craft cider that delivers an authentic depiction of the fruit and farm. Another beautiful step up for Angry Orchard.

Alcohol: 6.7%
Source: Walden Orchard, Hudson Valley
Fruit: Bittersweets and Sharps
Price: 14.99 / 750ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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