Angry Orchard Valley Flor Oval Nouveau

The Oval Nouveau from Angry Orchard is one in a series of ciders that highlight the work the company and their cidermaker is doing at the Walden Orchard in New York’s Hudson Valley. The Oval Nouveau is produced with bittersweets and sharps and put through a native years fermentation. Out of the bottle the cider pours with minimal effervescence and delivers up a golden hue that is slightly cloudy. This isn’t your 23-year-old daughter’s  Angry Orchard. Aromatically it is driven by underripe to ripe apple notes, hints of earth and yeast and noticeable floral aromas. It’s very complex on the nose. On the palate you’ll first note that his is dry and still cider, another giveaway that your 23-year-old daughter probably isn’t going to order this in the pub. However, I will. The structure is driven primarily by the tannins. The drink needs a touch more acidity in my view, but what it lacks there isn’t fatal by any means. Flavors of roasted apple, stewed herbs, citrus, and wood blend together very nicely in this wine-like cider. Though somewhat thin on the mid palate, it’s easily one of the best Angry Orchard ciders I’ve had to date. Someone is having lots of fun at Walden Orchard.

Alcohol: 6.2%
Source: Walden Orchard, Hudson Valley
Fruit: Bittersweets and Sharps
Price: $14.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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