Apple Bite Cidre Bouche Biologique

ApplebiteThe Apple Bite shows off a lovely and richly colored orange/amber coloring in the glass with a nice accompaniment of foaming bubbles. Very dramatic. Fresh ripe apple aromas frame the nose, and forming a sturdy platform for a tiny and intriguing bit of funk along with a touch of woodiness. It’s medium weight cider that trades a bit more on acid than tannin, though the latter still helps form the frame. The sugar left in the cider also supports its muscular form. The flavors are very much, sweet ripe apple-driven. And they are very clean, very linear and rich flavors due in large part to the natural sugars left behind. A bit of musty funk shows up on the side, but not in anything like an overdose. Finally, there is a distinctive mandarin orange character. The finish is where you experience this cider’s slight tannic grip, but the tannin is very velvety and sophisticated. This is a lovely French cider that is made in a cleaner, more popular style than some others. Apple bite is produced by Domaine du Verger and found at Whole Foods.

Alcohol: 4%
Source: France
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $7.00 / 750ml
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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