Apple Outlaw Original Hard Cider

AppleOutlaw OriginalWith quickly disappearing bubbles, the Apple Outlaw Original quickly turns into a golden, brilliantly clear cider in the glass with the tiniest of bubbles continuing to rise. Upon sniffing, the cider gives up ripe apple aromas, a set of earthy/yeasty notes, near cinnamon notes and hits of ripe floral aromatics. Once in the mouth you are reminded that this is a slightly effervescent drink and that it is semi-sweet. The effervescence and good dose of what appears to be natural acidity create a refreshing carriage for the flavors that follow. The flavors are ripe apple dominant, but not cooked apple. A hint of funky brett-like flavor shows up that isn’t so noticeable on the aroma and isn’t integrated into the rest of the flavors. A note of lemon/lime is also in attendance but it’s sitting quietly in the back of the room. We’d like to see more cohesive integration of flavors n this cider, but besides that there is no question it’s a beautifully structured cider, very refreshing and is made in a very likeable style.


Alcohol: 5.5%
Source: Apple Outlaw Estate Orchard, Applegate, Oregon
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $7.50 / 22 oz
Rating: 3\ stars

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