Applegarden Farm Hard Cider

applegardenThe Applegarden strikes a simply, pale golden hue in the glass and lays the tiniest bubbles along the bottom of the glass. The nose is full of fresh apples and notes of herbs and yeast, all of which thread through the other making for a compulsive sniffing experience. On the palate this cider delivers a light to medium bodied build. More importantly, the Applegarden possess a beautiful balance of acid and tannin, giving away its true cider apple origins. Slight effervescence hits the tongue, but in a miniscule amount. Finally, there is a hint of sugar dancing about, but it is barely noticeable. As for the flavor of this beauty, enjoy the ripe apple flavors, the barest touch of earthy notes and herbal character, and a cleansing and balancing citrus flavor. The flavors stick around too, making the finish a relatively pure echo of the sip. This is lovely hard cider produce by a tiny cidery located in Marin County, California, not far north of San Francisco and only a little ways in from the Pacific. The apples used are, as indicated, true spitters. The body and balance in this cider make that clear.

Alcohol: 7%
Source: Estate Orchard in Tomales
Fruit: Kingston Black, Ashmead’s Kernel, Calville Blanc, Golden Russet, Roxbury Russet, Nehou, Stayman Winesap, Tremlett’s Bitter, Hauer Pippen, Foxwhelp, Campfield, Transcendant Crab, Wickson Crab, and Red Vein Russian Crab
Price: $6 / 12oz
Rating: 4\ stars

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  1. Jan Lee

    I’m delighted that you enjoyed our cider. We are very pleased that it pairs so nicely with all of the local artisan cheeses as well as the terrific oysters harvested in our area. Cheers!


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